Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drills I Like

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Run Around Forehand Drill (Nick Bollettieri)
forehand drill (
This teaches a player to move his feet to hit a forehand.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Technique For Hitting Backhand Slice

As discussed in another post, the slice or "scapel" or "chisel" shot is important to have your arsenal for many reasons. First, it is more accurate. Second, it extends your reach when pulled wide. Third, it naturally brings up lower balls much more safely than topspin shots. These physical differences allow you to use it effectively for returning big serves, hitting approach shots, hitting running shots, handling low shots, and as a dependable rally shot that you can use to control points.

This article is devoted to the technique of hitting the slice backhand.

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4 min video on how to hit slice backhand - Mario Llano - ("safe" motion)

3 min video on how to hit slice backhand -

Penetrating Slice Backhand

Nice slow mo of slice backhand

Difference between Federer Slice and "He's Safe" Slice

High Backhand Scapel - Federer

Stretch Backhand Scapel - Federer

Backhand Slice Pass - Federer

9 minute analysis of Federer, Haas, Youzny slice backhand
1. Starting position (racquet behind head, 90 degree bend in arm)
2. Contact point with ball closer to body than for topspin shot

Slow mo of Roddick slice backhand

Using slice to control the point

Slow mo of Henin's slice backhand